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Community Fundraising

Without your amazing support The Solan Connor Family Cancer Support Trust cannot continue to help the people of County Durham who have been affected by cancer.

We like to call all supporters Team Solan and we are proud of the support they offer us.

The help and support you offer us by hosting events and donating the proceeding is invaluable. Money raised from your events help the charity to award a small grant to those who need them or to help create an environment which will support individuals and families in County Durham and Darlington who are affected by cancer.

Organising fundraising events

It is possible to raise significant amounts of money through sponsored events, fetes, fayres, or social activities such quiz nights or musical performances. Some supporters have raised hundreds of pounds by organising a series of well-planned events.

There are many different types of events you could organise, it is worth considering whether you want to use a tried and tested idea, or try something more imaginative to catch people’s attention.

Here are some ideas to get you started: We can help you with the planning of these events. Please complete the form below and we will contact you.

  • Sponsored activities such as a walk, fun-run, litter pick, abseil, etc.
  • Doing something people will pay for, such as car washing or bag-packing at supermarkets
  • An event you will charge entry for, such as a musical performance or karaoke night
  • An activity people pay to take part in, with prizes, such as a quiz, race night or bingo
  • A fayre or fete with fun activities, a raffle food and/or drink sales to make money.
  • A jumble sale
  • An unusual activity, such as a mystery tour or treasure hunt.
  • It is also important to get in the local press. They want stories and you want as much support as possible.
Hosting your own event to support Team Solan

Some other ways in which you can support us:

Gift Aid

Any UK tax payer who donates to you can include Gift Aid, which means the taxman adds 25% to their gift. That’s another £1 for every £4 you raise!

It makes a huge difference. So please make sure any UK tax payers tick the Gift Aid box on your sponsorship form, and include their full name and home address including postcode – we need this information to claim the Gift Aid.

Match Funding

Lots of companies run a Matched Giving scheme, which could double the amount you raise. Ask if yours is one of them – and if not, why not suggest they do? It’s tax-efficient for them too, which might help convince them!

Charity Of The Year

If you choose Team Solan as your Charity of the Year, we will work with you to create a bespoke calendar of engaging events, tailored to help meet your business goals and corporate social responsibility needs.

This is a great opportunity to bring together your staff for a worthwhile local cause they can identify with and feel passionate about. We will support you to engage your staff and get them involved in fundraising activities, volunteering time and skills, events, challenges and more.

Your business will also benefit from developing staff skills, commercial opportunities and increased brand awareness.

More often, businesses are seeing the benefits of working with us as a Charity of The Year Supporter for multiple years, strengthening the partnership within the companies’ culture to deliver mutually beneficial results and a lasting legacy.

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