Because no one should have to face cancer alone.

Become a member of TEAM SOLAN and let's help cancer sufferers together

Without your amazing support The Solan Connor Family Cancer Support Trust cannot continue to help the people of the North East who have been impacted by cancer.


We like to call all our supporters Team Solan and we are proud of the support offered to us.

 The help and support from supporters is invaluable whether you are participating in an event or activity and donating you raise to us, participating in a Team Solan event or activity or donating your time to support us. 

The money raised helps us to support adults and children impacted by cancer. 

If you would like to support us contact our office either by email to, by telephone on 01388 205294 or by calling into one of our stores.  We would love to discuss how you can help.

Want To Organise A Fundraising Event?

There are lots of ways that you can raise funds for the charity, it is possible to support us and raise significant amounts of money through sponsored events, fetes or fayres, or social activities such quiz nights or musical performances. Some of our supporters have raised hundreds of pounds by organising a series of  activities and well-planned events.


There are many different types of events you could organise, it is worth considering whether you want to use a tried and tested idea, or try something more imaginative to catch people’s attention.


We can help you with the planning of these events or activities. Please complete the form below outlining your event or activity and we will contact you.

PROMOTE Your Event


It is also important to get in the local press. They want stories and you want as much support as possible. 

Remember to speak to as many digital and physical press teams as possible before your fundraising event!



Any UK tax payer who donates to you can include Gift Aid, which means the taxman adds 25% to their gift. That’s another £1 FOR EVERY £4 YOU RAISE!

It makes a huge difference. So please make sure any UK tax payers tick the Gift Aid box on your sponsorship form, and include their full name and home address including postcode – we need this information to claim the Gift Aid.



Lots of companies run a Matched Giving scheme, which could double the amount you raise. Ask if yours is one of them – and if not, why not suggest they do? It’s tax-efficient for them too, which might help convince them!

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